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bears begging for food

Ban Zoos

Zoos are prisons for animals. Humans take animals out of their natural habitats and keep them prisoner in an artificial environment so people can come and gawk at them. The argument for keeping animals imprisoned is so humans can see animals that they would never see otherwise, so that animals can be “safe” and so that children can learn about animals. It’s all bullshit of course. Humans keep animals in zoos so they can make money. That is the number one reason animals are kept confined in cages. The other reason humans keep animals in captivity is so they can feel safe. If animals aren’t in the wild then they can’t hurt us so we try to contain as many of them as possible. Those we don’t kill, of course.

Zoos are not good for animals. They are artificial environments created by humans who don’t understand all the little nuances of a nature created environment. Artificial rocks, chlorinated water, fake grass and boredom are not good for any living creature. Animals in zoos are bored. They are listless, they have nothing to do with their time. They do not get to climb real trees, wade through real grass or smell a variety of wild life. Their environment is limited to whatever humans provide. Keeping them in a zoo is not educational because they are not doing the same things they would do in the wild. Animals in zoos soon lose the ability to take care of themselves. They sit and wait for feeding time instead of using their natural skills and instincts to catch their food. The food they are given is also artificial; pumped full of man made hormones and other items that an animal would never eat in the wild.

People need to remember that zoos don’t just exist to house animals and keep them “safe”. They exist so humans can make money. zoos have to turn a profit or they are shut down. Whenever money is involved, animals suffer because humans cut corners to save money and to make a bigger profit. One must ask, why don’t they spend money on keeping animals in their natural environment, instead of keeping them caged in a zoo? They don’t do that because there is no money in it for them. Instead of buying land and creating animal sanctuaries, they build zoos because zoos make money, animal sanctuaries don’t.

Every time someone goes to a zoo they support animal slavery. It means more animals are captured and put on display. It means less animals in the wild and more animals in captivity. The less animals that are in the wild, the more room there is for us. Humans are very self-centred and selfish. They lack compassion and empathy. It is not okay to take something that is living and put it in captivity. It is cruel. When human beings understand that and take action to stop it then we will have evolved as a species.

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