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Developers’ Tree Netting Prevent Birds From Nesting

Now that spring is approaching, you may see some unsightly things on trees. Developers put tree netting on trees to prevent birds from nesting in them. It’s a problem because birds, like humans, establish territories. Netting the trees prevents them from reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.

Land developers are not allowed to cut down trees that have nests in them. To get around the law, they prevent birds from nesting in the first place by covering the trees with nets.

Not being able to cut down the trees causes construction delays which can be very costly. Even if there are no plans to use the land, developers still put up nets, just in case.

Rather than working around the trees like they should. They cut them down. They destroy nature so they can create concrete jungles. Nature is not something they need. It’s a nuisance that is preventing them from getting the things they want in life: shopping malls, churches, schools, houses and playground.

Developers could choose to build outside the nesting season but they don’t. They don’t care about birds. They want to get building as quickly as possible. Or they put up the tree netting to “hold” the trees until the time comes for them to cut them down.

Netting trees is not against the law so companies will continue to do it. The thing is, companies don’t check the tree first to make sure there aren’t any birds already in it. There may be birds in the trees who are trapped under the netting. Some birds also still get under the netting and get trapped inside.

There is nothing more pleasant than the sound of birds in spring. With more and more development, the green spaces are disappearing and with them the birds. Will the new sign of spring be the sound of a construction vehicle?

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