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woolly mammoths

Scientists Attempt To Bring Back Woolly Mammoths

What happens when scientists uncovered a 38000 year old female woolly mammoth with well preserved cells? Why you attempt to bring back woolly mammoths of course.

That’s what 90 year old Japanese biologist Akira Iritani dreams of doing. He dreams of bringing back the woolly mammoths. His team successfully revived the cells of the baby woolly mammoth named Yuka.

They transferred Yuka’s cell nuclei into mouse cells that can divide and become female reproductive cells. The cells actually moved. The didn’t begin dividing but they stated that it is a first step into eventually bringing back the prehistoric extinct creatures.

Woolly mammoths became extinct 4000 years ago. The ultimate plan is to successfully take mammoth DNA and insert it into elephant eggs that have had their DNA removed.

Akira Iritani argues that understanding more about past extinctions will help scientists to better protect endangered species. “It’s because of people that certain animals have gone extinct,” Iritani says. “It’s my duty to preserve species.” I don’t believe him. What he means is that this will put him in the history books and feed his ego.

If we can bring back extinct animals doesn’t that make it harder to protect the ones we have? When people realize any animal can be brought back they could go out and hunt any animal to extinction.

Bringing back extinct animals doesn’t cure the human need to kill animals. It doesn’t stop trophy hunting. In fact trophy hunting will escalate. Who wouldn’t want to hunt a prehistoric woolly mammoth?

They’ll also remove the ban on ivory products because we could always get more. And don’t forget the impact bringing back extinct animals could have on other animals. Won’t it ruin the ecosystem to bring back predators or prey? I thought scientists studied nature? They why do they ignore nature when it suits them?

I am sure it costs millions of dollars to dig up and try to bring back extinct animals. Wouldn’t it be better to spend those millions preserving the animals we already have alive? Wildlife services are in need of funding to protect the animals that are being hunted to extinction. Instead of giving them the money, people like Akira Iritani are using it to make sure after we kill them we can bring them back. Let’s not kill them in the first place.

The only thing that protects animals is 1. Ban hunting except for food. 2. Educate children on the need to keep animals alive. 3. Educate people on how animals help us survive. 4. Teach humans ethics, compassion and empathy. 5. Stop creating concrete jungles and start preserving natural habitats.

Woolly mammoth image: By Flying Puffin – MammutUploaded by FunkMonk, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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