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should we eat animals

Should We Eat Animals

Should we eat meat? Some people think it’s wrong to eat meat. They think it’s wrong to kill animals for food.

Why do we only feel guilty about killing animals for food and not vegetables? It may sound like a silly question but if you really think about it, when we eat a vegetable we are taking its life. In fact, it’s even more cruel to eat vegetables because we eat vegetables raw. The life is still in it when we eat it.

An animal’s life isn’t any more important than the life of a plant. If a plant were to extend its leafy arm or get out of the Earth and move about on its roots, we would have more sympathy when its life was taken away. If every time we reached down to pull out a lettuce leaf the plant trembled, we would feel guilty because we had to eat it. Science has shown that plants feel fear. Just because we cannot see its fear, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. All life is precious. Everything that is alive wants to continue living. If you are going to feel guilty over killing an animal for food then feel just as guilty over killing a plant for food. Don’t insult the plant by thinking its life isn’t as important as an animal’s. Don’t walk around thinking being a vegetarian makes you better than a meat eater. Every time you take a breath you kill a million microscopic organisms. Life is about killing. Nothing can live without killing something else. This is the cruel reality of life.

Humans tend to think the bigger something is, the more important it is. People believe that killing a mouse isn’t as terrible as killing an elephant; killing a blade of grass isn’t as terrible as killing a tree; killing an animal isn’t as terrible as killing a human. But, if you approach a mouse to kill it, is its will to live any less than an elephant’s? Do you think a cockroach’s will to live is any less than a human’s need to live?

In order to live, life must be taken from one thing and given to another. The mosquito feeds off our blood, the cow feeds off the grass, the lion feeds off the zebra, the frog feeds off the ants and the rabbit feeds off the lettuce. It’s almost as if there is only so much life in the Universe and it must be passed from one being to another in order for life to continue. In order for us to live we must take the life force of an animal or vegetable and add it to our own. Life is recycled.

It is not killing animals that is wrong. It’s the reason we kill the animal and the method we use to kill it. Torturing animals, being insensitive to their needs, pumping them full of growth hormones and force feeding them so they can get fat quickly, is wrong. We should treat animals and plants with respect. Killing an animal for sport is wrong. We haven’t eaten it; we haven’t consumed the life it had to give. When we kill an animal we should thank it for giving up its life so we can live. When we kill a plant we should thank it for giving up its life so we can live. Life is a gift one being gives to another.

Mother Nature has made the world the way it is and I bend to her knowledge and wisdom, therefore I do not think it is wrong to kill animals for food. I think a better argument for not killing and eating animals is the fact that their flesh has to be cooked before we can eat it. Cooking destroys vitamins and minerals in foods. Cooking kills all the life in the food. Eating foods raw, passes on more of its life force to us. Therefore it is better to eat vegetables than animals because vegetables can be eaten raw and we get more of their life force.

Life is recycled. Life force is passed on from one thing to another. All life has equal value. No item in this universe has more value than another. In order for anything to live, it must kill something else. That is the way it is.

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