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don't blame television

Don’t Blame Television

I was doing storytelling in St. Mary’s Ontario once and I was staying at a bed and breakfast. There was this other woman there and I struck up a conversation with her. I asked her if she had seen a certain TV show. She looked at me aghast and said, “I don’t watch television.” in a really snooty voice. Well that ended the conversation. First, she was looking down at me (I felt) because I watched television and second because she was obviously so snotty that I didn’t want to talk to her about other things.

I get that people think television is trash. I just don’t get that people don’t understand that television is just a box. Imagine that you have an empty box and people can put things in it. You have no control over what they put in the box but you do have control over what you take out of it. Television is like that. You choose what you take out of the box. You can’t blame the box for what people put in it.

I watch television shows. I love the discovery channel but I also like some trash TV shows. The only thing I don’t like about television are the commercials. Not because they are selling things. I understand that in order for me to be able to watch TV shows there has to be advertising. I don’t like commercials because although I can choose what I take out of the box, I can’t choose the commercials. I have absolutely no control over the types of commercials that are shown. I could be watching the most educational TV show and in between there are stupid commercials for the stupidest things or worse, commercials for horror movies.

I stopped watching TV because of the commercials. I need to be able to choose what enters my consciousness. I download shows now because the commercials are taken out and so I have absolute control over what I take out of the box.

Don’t blame the box for what other people put in it. Just choose carefully what you take out.

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