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Homeless People Not Allowed

Money is important but it is never more important than people. In our efforts to make more and more money, we have devolved into money grubbing worms who put money first and people last. I am angry over the images I saw on the internet of building owners and government officials installing anti homeless spikes preventing the homeless from sitting or lying down. That is disgusting.

When the government spends money to harass the homeless, rather than help them then we have a real problem. Every human being should have a home, food and clothing. That is a basic human right. Who sold the government the Earth so they can charge us to live on it? And if we don’t have money to pay to occupy our square footage of land what gives them the right to prevent us from resting our weary heads? Wait… We do.

It is sick that poverty is viewed as a crime. Not having money should not be a crime. Why do we hate the homeless so much? Because they’re lazy? Lazy in what way? Mother Nature gives us everything for free. This means we aren’t supposed to work for food, clothes, or shelter. Just because someone makes the rules that we have to, doesn’t mean that those who choose not to follow the rules are lazy. If we don’t teach people how to make money in school why do we punish them for not knowing how to make money? If we don’t teach people how to be self-sufficient in life, why do we punish them for not being self-sufficient?

Space is supposed to be shared. Why are people so selfish that they want to claim every space only for those they feel deserve it? Where are those we think don’t deserve to share our space supposed to go? I understand that some people don’t want to share their space with the homeless but where are the homeless supposed to go? If people have so much money that they can create special benches to keep the homeless from sleeping on them, put metal spikes in the ground to keep the homeless from laying down or put sprinklers in the sidewalks to wet the homeless and their belongings every few minutes, then how come they don’t have any money to create more free shelters? Giving the homeless a place to sleep would be the humane way to “handle” the homeless.

The answer is that we don’t care. We prefer not to see them in our space than to help them. We want them to know that being poor is not okay. We hope that the more we harass them, the more we can drive the point home to get a job and fit into the society we created. They are a reminder that maybe the socety we have created is not as great as we think it is so rather than change ourselves and the society we have created, we run them off. Out of sight is out of mind so as long as we don’t see the homeless, they don’t exist and we can just go on with our merry lives.

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