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one race

Only One Race

Racism is rampant in every society. We all hate racists. We realize that racism exists and we lash out at racists. What we don’t do is educate racists so that they can stop being racists.

Where does racism come from? It’s taught. Most people know that hate is taught but taught by whom? Parents? TV? If a parent teaches a child to hate then where did that person learn to hate? The problem could go on ad nauseam.

Racism exists not because people are taught to hate but because people aren’t taught NOT to hate. It’s easy to hate people. Our differences are as plain as day when it comes to race, ethnicity and culture. Although we could change our ethnicity and culture most of us wouldn’t because we feel they are a part of who we are. We cannot change our race. We are taught about the different races, what makes us different from each other, our racial histories etc but when are we ever taught about what makes us the same? Never.

People hate, not because they are bad people, even though some people may argue that they are, but because they view people as different from them and that those differences are bad and pose a threat to who they are. This is the source of racism. That is the root of the problem that needs to be addressed. We need to start educating people that despite our differences, we are all the same.

People can see different dogs and know that every dog, no matter how different it looks, is still a dog but there are people who believe that just because another human being is a darker shade than they are that they are not the same species. It’s ridiculous! A German Sheppard looks very different from a Chihuahua yet they are both dogs and come from the same source, a wolf. Everyone knows this but people don’t know that an Asian person looks very different from a white person yet they are both humans who come from the same source, black people.

Human beings come in different colours, shapes and sizes but we are all human beings. Whether we like it or not, we are the same species. We have a lot more in common than we have different. We just insist of focusing on the differences. We need to start teaching commonalities instead of differences. We come from one source. Though we may look different, those differences are the result of climate, food, environment etc. There is only one race, the human race. And the human race is varied and unique. Teaching commonalities at home and in schools is the only way to end racism.

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