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advances in humanity instead of technology

We Need Advances In Humanity, Not Advances In Technology

We call people with technology more advanced than people without technology. Why? We spend all our time working on improving things instead of improving people. If only we would put as much effort into making a better, kinder, nicer human being than we put into making stronger, faster, bigger things. In hundreds of thousands of years on this planet we have not found a cure for insanity? We have not found a way to have peace? We have not found a way to act like a unit? Why? What then is this advancement we talk about? How have we changed for the better?

We should not judge ourselves by what we have, but by what we are. We have lots of technological advances but we neglect to have advances in humanity. Is it because humans were better off before civilization? Instead of advancing do we instead need to go back? Go back to when we didn’t have television to inject fear into our lives, back to when women stayed home and looked after children, back to when children learned how to be a good human being instead of a good worker. Back to when we sat around the fire at night and told stories to keep the memories of our ancestors alive. Back to when communities were small and people needed each other for survival so predators were weeded out instead of locked up and then let go. Back to when intercourse was used only to procreate because it was understood that the more people we have, the less food there is for everyone. Back to when it was common sense not to throw garbage into the water because it was the same water you had to drink from. Back to when you grew your own food or you didn’t eat. Back to when you didn’t worship a god in the sky, you worshiped your ancestors who took care of you or you worshiped nature spirits who cared only about your survival and not burning you in eternal hellfire for disobeying them.

When we speak of advancements, what we are really doing is running. We are running from our past. Running from who we are. We are hiding behind technology so we feel like we are moving and going somewhere. We are afraid of who we are. We are afraid to stand still because we will have to look at ourselves, take stock and possibly make changes in our nature. We are afraid of being wrong. No one likes criticism and we will do anything to avoid being wrong. In simpler times, if something was wrong with someone, the community worked together to set that person right because what they did affected everyone in the community. People had to change for their own survival and the survival of others. Now, if something is wrong with someone, instead of fixing them, we look the other way or we lock them up for a period of time, then let them out again. We spend all out time fixing things, instead of fixing people. What will we do when our technology fails? What will we be left with?

We will be left with what we had before “civilization”, human beings who need each other to survive.

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