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we should take care of our own

We Should Take Care Of Our Own

I am so tired of hearing people say, “I think we should take care of our own before we help people in other countries.”

My response is, “Is your house still standing? Because their house is rubble. It was bombed. When was the last time your house was bombed? Did you eat today? Because they didn’t. There is no food for them to eat. There’s no food bank. No welfare system. You turn on a tap and water comes out. They can’t do that. They have to walk miles to get water from a well. When they get to water there might be men with guns preventing them from getting any. Do you still have all your children with you? Because some or all of their children died in a military attack on their village.

Sure we could help only the people who live in our own country because we are all so “bad off”. Poor us, we get to sleep in a warm, cozy bed, in a home, in a safe community. Our nearest garbage can has more food in it than a refugee will see today or maybe tomorrow. We drive our crappy car because we “don’t have money” while they have to walk weeks to get to the nearest refugee camp. They might have to sell their daughter to get food but hey, your life is just terrible.

We, in first world countries are so privileged, we don’t know what some people have to go through just to live another day. What we call suffering, other people call living in luxury. When we say we’re starving we mean it’s been a few hours since our last meal. When they say they’re starving, it’s because they haven’t eaten in days. You have a bed? A refugee is sleeping on a piece of cardboard in a tent village, if they’re lucky. Most of them die on their way to a safe place. They hope and pray someone will save them. They need saving, not because they are bad people but because their country is fighting some other country in a war they didn’t ask for.

They didn’t start the war their country is fighting. They didn’t want the war but they are in the middle of it. They have to flee for their lives and you are safe in your home denying them entry because you think your life is “just as bad” as theirs.

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