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Building Homes Using Plastic Bottles

Here’s an interesting article: … -plastic-bottles-and-mud/

Some people in Nigeria are using discarded plastic bottles to build houses. It puts waste into good use. When you consider that plastic bottles will be around for centuries because they don’t break down, it would be much better to use them to build houses since they will last that long, or until the time that we find a way to get rid of them. It also beats throwing them into the ocean which is where the majority of our plastic products end up.

house made of plastic bottlesThere are billions of water bottles in our landfills. If we could find a way to use them, then why not? I am pretty sure we are not using alternative building methods because a) people are not open to new ways of doing things. Everyone wants things to stay and look just the way they are. b) construction companies would go out of business if we didn’t use the materials that are manufactured for building houses. So the bottles stay in the landfills and they clog our oceans while companies continue to make money using methods that are not helping the Earth in any way.

I am all for alternative building methods. I don’t like that every house looks the same. America is all about conforming. Even if what we are conforming to is harming us, we don’t care; we want everyone to conform anyway. It’s good to see other nations being more free. I am sure that people will argue that those nations are doing these things because they are poor. But seriously who cares why they are doing it. Using something just to prove you have more money than someone else is just dumb. Especially when what you are doing is killing you. Wake up people.

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