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don't buy bottled water

Don’t Buy Bottled Water

How did our ancestors get by without carrying water around with them all the time? I don’t think they had a water fountain every few blocks. It seems they were able to survive by drinking water at work or at home from the tap. Everyone has a need to drink water now. All the time. Parents pack water in their kids lunchboxes. Tap water, the water that everyone used to drink, is now taboo.

How did we get to the point where our landfills are filled with water bottles? We have become a disposable society. We used to use refillable bottles. Use it, wash it then use it again and again. Now people use a bottle once and throw it away. The fact that the bottle is not biodegradable and will be around for centuries doesn’t phase them. They don’t care.

Bottled water has become a fashion accessory. I remember when I was a kid, bottled water was only drunk by rich people. There were two brands, Perrier and Evian and they were expensive. The average person didn’t drink bottled water. Now everyone drinks it. It is considered better than tap water even though most bottled water is just tap water that has been “purified”. People think that since it’s in a bottle, it’s better than what comes out of the tap. The labels on the bottle tell us how “pure” the water is, how “natural” it is. This implies that water from the tap is not pure or natural. Many people have bought into this and so they drink bottled water. Funny thing is, the water that we think isn’t good enough to drink is what we use to cook all our food. Advertising. It works.

Tap water is safe to drink because unlike bottled water, tap water is regulated by the government. All tap water has to be at a certain standard whereas bottled water doesn’t have to be. Bottled water is not regulated by anybody. It could have anything in it and we would never know. We also have to think about the fact that bottled water is bottled. We need eight glasses of water every day. If we were to drink eight bottles of water a day, that’s eight bottles that each person throws away. Eight bottles per person per day that ends up in a landfill. That’s a lot of waste.

Another thing to think about whenever you buy bottled water is this: water should be free. Whenever you buy bottled water you are supporting the privatization of water. You are setting up a future where water will not be free because it will be owned by corporations. When a commodity is owned by large corporations they become unscrupulous, sometimes contaminating the water so people will be forced to buy “clean” water from them. The more money companies make from bottling the water nature gives us for free, the more money they will want to make and soon not a drop of water on Earth will be free. Think about it.

If you must carry water with you then use a reusable container. If you are concerned about your tap water then boil it before you drink it to get rid of contaminants. Keep water free. Don’t buy bottled water.

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