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food is free

Food Is Free

If humans are so smart, then why do we pay for things that nature gives to us for free? Think about it. We work for food. Food is free. It grows in the ground. Mother nature gives us plants that give us seeds we can plant and get food. Plants give their lives to us so we can live. It is a sacrifice that they make for us.

If I say to someone that food is free they will look at me as if I am crazy. We live in an industrialized world. We have left nature behind so long ago that we forget that food is free. We forget that once upon a time we just walked through greenery and picked whatever we wanted to eat. It was free and it was abundant. Then civilization happened.

Basically white people spread their way of life on everyone. Indigenous people were forced to “move forward”, meaning that their land got owned by a government that demands payment for living on it. Land that nature gives to us for free is no longer free thereby forcing people to get a job so they can make money and pay to live on it. The food they used to get for free is now owned by corporations who want to make as much money as possible. They want to make so much money that the foods we eat don’t have seeds anymore. We can’t plant them and get more for free. If we want more, we have to buy the seed from the corporation. It’s a sick world we live in.

Humans think they are so smart yet they do the dumbest things. Food is free. It’s just not free anymore because certain people want to sell us all the things nature gives to us for free so they can maintain power in the world. Thankfully there are people in the world who recognize the destructive path we are taking and are keeping a seed bank of natural seeds so that one day we will be able to go back to our uncivilized ways of getting our basic necessities, like food, for free again.

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