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#trashtag challenge

#Trashtag Challenge Has People Cleaning Up The Environment

Have you done the #trashtag challenge yet? The #trashtag challenge is when people take a picture of a trash ridden area in their neighborhood, then they clean it up and take a picture of it afterward to show that they’ve cleaned it up.

This started in 2015. It is making a comeback, thank goodness. Good citizens have been cleaning up parks and beaches. A lot of the trash is plastics. We are choking on plastic. The best solution to plastic is to stop manufacturing it but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Since we won’t stop producing plastic any time soon, the next best thing we can do is clean it up. We especially need to stop plastics from getting into our waters. It is killing fish and wildlife.

We can clean up plastic all we want but what’s the use if we don’t stop making it? We won’t be able to clean up fast enough. As fast as we clean it up, they produce more and more. Plastic is worse than the atomic bomb right now. The chance of a bomb going off are pretty slim. The chance that we’ll die from too much plastic in our environment is very real.

I took a good look around my work today and realized just how much we are surrounded by plastic. Everything is made of plastic. It is cheap and easy to produce so they make everything from it. It’s pretty daunting. The best thing we can do right now is do the #trashtag challenge and do our part to clean some of it up.

It really is amazing and impressive what people have done. The after pictures show what the area should look like if humans weren’t so careless about where they throw their trash. You can check the challenge out on Twitter by using the hashtags #TrashChallenge #trashtag.

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