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Return Things To Nature

Return Things To NaturePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/12/10 17:21   Hits:   1021    Comments:   0

Whatever we take from nature should be returned to nature. .

Animal Rights

Animal RightsPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/12/10 17:20   Hits:   735    Comments:   0

Animals deserve the exact same rights that we have. .

Let Children Play

Let Children PlayPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/12/10 17:19   Hits:   822    Comments:   0

Let children play a lot. Play is very important for children. Until the age of seven, children must be allowed to play to their hearts content with other children.

Free Food

Free FoodPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/12/10 17:15   Hits:   593    Comments:   0

Why buy food when nature gives it to us for free. .

We Are All One Colour

We Are All One ColourPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/12/10 17:14   Hits:   552    Comments:   0

We are not different colours. We are all different shades of the same colour: brown. .



Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 20:03   Hits:   597    Comments:   0

Even a child has wisdom if one is willing to listen. Age only provides one with more knowledge. It does not guarantee wisdom.

Animals Are Our Teachers

Animals Are Our TeachersPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 20:02   Hits:   587    Comments:   0

We need to look at the animals, see how they live and learn from them. .

Do Unto Others

Do Unto OthersPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 20:01   Hits:   583    Comments:   0

Do unto others as you would have done unto you. .

Cooperation Rather Than Competion

Cooperation Rather Than CompetionPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 20:00   Hits:   547    Comments:   0

We need societies based on cooperation rather than competition, security rather than fear, kindness rather than cruelty, and love rather than hatred. .

We Are All Connected

We Are All ConnectedPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 19:58   Hits:   542    Comments:   0

To hurt one is to hurt all. We are all connected. .

1-10 (out of 22 photos)
(1) 2 3 »