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My Religion Is Nature

My Religion Is NaturePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 19:56   Hits:   468    Comments:   0

I have the same religion as this tiger. My religion is nature. .

Simple Science. We Need Trees

Simple Science. We Need TreesPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/9 4:26   Hits:   483    Comments:   0

Simple science. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

Before Humans Earth Was Paradise

Before Humans Earth Was ParadisePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/9 4:24   Hits:   468    Comments:   0

Before humans Earth was paradise. .

Recycled Life

Recycled LifePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/8/22 17:21   Hits:   501    Comments:   0

Life is recycled. In order for anything on this planet to live it must kill something else. .

Emotional Abuse Turns Children Into Monsters

Emotional Abuse Turns Children Into MonstersPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/8/22 17:20   Hits:   486    Comments:   0

It is not abuse alone that turns people into monsters. It is a lack of kind words, lack of comfort and a lack of play in childhood. .

Don't Kill Nature

Don't Kill NaturePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/8/22 17:18   Hits:   539    Comments:   0

To kill nature is to kill ourselves. .

Children Learn What They Live

Children Learn What They LivePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/8/15 0:00   Hits:   481    Comments:   0

Children learn what they live, by unknown author. .

Don't Buy Bottled Water

Don't Buy Bottled WaterPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/8/9 13:20   Hits:   521    Comments:   0

Every time you buy bottled water, you support the privatization of water. Water should be free. .

The World Is Like A Garden

The World Is Like A GardenPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/8/2 0:21   Hits:   505    Comments:   0

The world is a big round garden. Each one of us is part of this garden. What affects one, affects all.

Leopard Skin

Leopard SkinPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/7/29 13:10   Hits:   533    Comments:   0

Mother nature did not give animals beautiful skin so we can kill them and make rugs. .

11-20 (out of 22 photos)
« 1 (2) 3 »