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African Americans Do Not Exist

Posted by smatriangello Date 02-Oct-2016 06:31

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Why is it that people always use the phrase "In Africa". I don't think very many people realize that Africa is a continent and not a country. Why not say the name of the country in Africa? You hear phrases like, people in Africa are starving. Really? Where in Africa? Which country? There is lots of war in Africa. Really, Where in Africa? Which country? They don't know. Africa is just some huge country filled with poor, starving, black people who need white people's help. Aw those poor Africans. Give me a friggin break.

Africa is the second largest continent on the planet with 54 countries. Each country is unique in the type of people who live there, the languages they speak, the foods they eat and the religions they follow. And here's a surprise, not all Africans are black. Some are white, some are East Indian and some are Asian. In spite of the fact that not just black people live in Africa, any black person who lives in America is called an African American. An African American is someone who was born in a country in Africa but who now lives in America but only black people are called African American. Being called an African American is insulting. It fails to recognize the true ethnicity of black people. It lumps all black people together as a group instead of treating them as individuals the same way white people are. White people say I am Irish American, I'm German American, specifying the country from which they are from but a black person specifies the continent instead of the country.

Being called an African American is a reminder that a black person is not an American even if they were born in America or anywhere else. It is basically reminding black people that they are outsiders and the only true native in any country outside Africa is a white person. This is why white people can always shout at black people to go back to Africa. Where in Africa? Which country? They don't care and can't be bothered to find out. Just get out!

There are no African Americans because Africa is a continent, not a country. There are Ghanian Americans, Nigerian Americans, Congo Americans etc. Next time someone says Africa or African, ask which country in Africa they are referring to. It's time we give those countries and their people the acknowledgement they deserve instead of lumping them all together and making them invisible. It's time we take the time to get to know black people as individuals with a cultural heritage, a language and a history that existed before American history. It is also time to call only people who were actually born in a country in Africa African Americans. I had someone tell me that she was asked by a white person born in South Africa why he was not called an African American since he was actually born in South Africa while most black people were called African American even though they were born in the United States. The answer I would give him is this: because white people always want black people to know that even if they were born here, they don't belong here.
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