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Privacy Policy

This is the site privacy policy.

I do not submit your information to anyone. Other than the things that are beyond my control like site cookies, which every browser saves (you can delete those yourself by changing your browser settings), or having your ip address (which your browser sends to every website you visit), I don’t keep any information from you at all.

If you do send me your information, I do not share that with anyone, or any company without your permission. Having said that, I am using WordPress and plugins. I don’t know what wordpress does or the plugins does so I am not responsible for those things. I need it to run this site. They have privacy policies which I hope they adhere to.

So, if you visit this site and take part in this site, I will do my part and keep any information you submit to myself and share only if you give me permission to share.

This policy may change and it is up to you to keep up to date with it. By visiting the site you agree to the terms and policies.